Can A Hospitality Recruiter Help You Meet Your Executive Search Needs?

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Jobs Featured

The hiring process can be hard and hiring an executive is on a completely different level compared to hiring someone on the front lines of any business in the hospitality and leisure business. The turnover rate in hospitality is one of the highest ( and that can sometimes include executives. When an executive leaves a position, there is quite a void to fill and finding a replacement can be daunting. Hospitality recruiters can help you find the perfect executive replacement.

What a Hospitality Recruiter Does

People have been recruiting others since the dawn of time. In modern times, recruitment agencies make it their full-time job to scout out the best in their fields. With hospitality recruitment agencies, they are constantly keeping track of executives in hospitality fields and those who would be good fits for which areas.

Each agency has a database of individuals who would fit the needs of other companies and their availability. Should a need arise for an individual in a similar role, the recruitment agency will pool a certain number of individuals that would be fit into the role. It takes the hiring process and narrows it down to only qualified individuals with a certain amount of experience and knowledge of the industry.

How Firms Find Potential Candidates

The key difference between human resources searching for a candidate and a recruitment firm searching for a candidate is ignoring whether someone is readily available or already has a job, as stated here. A recruitment firm looks for the widest pool of potential candidates and that includes those who may already have jobs with other companies or the client company. The databases they have include these individuals because casting a net for the best candidate should be as wide as possible.

Recruiters can approach an individual as an individual as opposed to approaching them as a member of a company. This puts them in a position to leave no ill will between companies for “sniping” their top players. With that aspect off the table, companies can gain an asset from another company without offending another company.

The Proposal

Once the perfect candidate has been found, the recruitment firm will reach out. Companies such as Bristol Associates take the information they are able to find on an individual and use the client’s potential to leverage the individual towards their client. This could be an increased benefits package or finding a candidate that fits the client company better than their current company. These companies are professionals at making their clients seem the best fit for the candidate by finding the best fit for their client. By playing matchmaker between the candidate and client, they establish the building blocks for a sound relationship between the two.

With the proposal under way, the firm will give updates on the potential candidate and confirm information on salary, benefits, and all other aspects of the company compared to what the candidate is seeking. With the details worked out, the client has their new executive with minimal effort.

Benefits of Recruitment Firms Over Recruiting First-Hand

Some prefer recruiting first-hand, but there are major benefits aside from no ill will between companies should a major player choose to switch to a new company. While there is always rivalry between companies in the same industry, negativity can ignite more than friendly rivalry and “stealing” an employee leaves a void in another company. Recruitment agencies are third parties who are not potential targets of this same negativity. They can approach who they feel best fits a position without jockeying for a positive relationship with another company.

Using a recruitment firm also leaves staff less stressed. Human resources are essential in the hiring process, but they also handle numerous other important tasks in a company. With human resources focused on the incredibly important task of hiring an executive, they are unable to provide the proper attention to their other tasks.

When an executive leaves a company, especially unexpectedly, it can leave a void that should be filled quickly and efficiently. Recruitment companies work to do this in the most efficient way possible. They have the resources with databases on top level hospitality executives and can handle offering a job to an individual which will leave your company able to process and work around losing a vital part.

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