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by | Jun 15, 2022 | COVID-19

Good morning, Mission, and welcome to Virus Village, your (somewhat regular) Covid-19 data dump.

Hospitalizations and recorded infections are up from last week, while positivity rates have dipped and R Number models have dropped back below 1. Wastewater monitoring from the state and Stanford shows the virus falling in nearby sewers.

I am told by a reader the “Stanford” model was developed by the person who pioneered the field. For more information on the model and wastewater monitoring, check out this video.

It has been confirmed that the City will defund the community hubs that have provided testing, vaccination, food and isolation support for low-income families, immigrants and others without access to health care. No reason has been given and no update has been forthcoming on what the City plans to do to prepare for the future.

If this had been the NBA Finals, the virus would have won in a rout. As we suspected during the first omicron wave, the City has no idea how to slow down transmission and zero interest in trying. As in the first six months of the pandemic, the City has once again turned its back on the most vulnerable.

And the national media still refers to San Francisco as “progressive.”

To be fair, the City is not alone. For those who thought the covid crisis might shock the oligarchy into building a public health infrastructure or providing life-saving universal health care, think again.

Even medical conferences among the “experts” have become superspreader events.

Here’s the latest from UCSF’s Dr. Bob Wachter, commenting on the current situation in SF and the threat of long covid.

New omicron variants are taking hold in the country and they’re either here or coming soon. Not much is known about them or what to expect, but they do seem to be the variants with the most immune escape since the pandemic began.

Not to worry. No need for the City to do testing, right? As long as you can afford them, you can get rapid at-home tests. Here’s the latest on problems with at-home rapid tests. And don’t forget to check out the fake tests now on the market.

And no need to provide isolation …

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