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by | Jun 11, 2022 | Jobs

It has long been put into everyone’s heads from a young age that if you want to get a good job, you need to go to college. But as tuition costs have continued to rise and people with degrees have seen an increased struggle to find good-paying work, many now wonder if that notion still holds water.

If you have wondered if you really need a college education to have a good career, Stacker found some of the best jobs in Philadelphia that don’t require a higher degree. Here are the top-paying jobs of the bunch that you can get with just a high school diploma.

Power Distributors

These workers supply electricity to buildings to power all sorts of devices and functions. In Philadelphia, they typically make around $96,000.


If you have a passion for helping to solve crimes and bringing justice to the area, you can earn in the vicinity of $99,000 a year as a detective.

First-line Supervisors of Sales Workers

If you work in sales, you can work your way up to managerial and supervisory positions without needing a higher degree. The pay is often just over $99,000.

Gambling Managers

Casinos deal in big money and need diligent managers to ensure that nobody is cheating. This is another job that pays just over $99,000.

Real Estate Brokers

One of the big draws of getting into real estate is that you can earn your real estate license from home by completing the set number of hours of coursework on your own. The pay is generally around $107,000.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Despite people’s concerns, nuclear power is actually one of the cleanest and most reliable forms of energy. Working in this energy source of the future can earn you over $111,000.

First-line Supervisors of Police

Getting into the police force does not require a formal education. And after working your way up the ranks, you could earn over $111,000 as a supervisor.

Commercial Pilots

You would need to have a pilot’s license, but you can accomplish that without a university education if you want to be a pilot and earn around $118,000.

Distribution Managers

The storage and transportation of all manner of goods is a crucial job in Philadelphia, …

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