Improving digital employee experiences must start with cybersecurity

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Technology

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Trading off usability for more hardened cybersecurity is the price vendors have been paying for decades to reduce their customers’ breach risks. Enterprises bought into the logic, assuming the more challenging a security app or platform was to use, the more secure it was and capable of reducing risk. 

Fast-forward to today and organizations now need to support work-from-home employees, a new hybrid workforce and road warriors that require secure, real-time connections from their own devices to the most valuable data a business has. The pandemic forever changed everyone’s perspective of an excellent digital employee experience. 

Ivanti’s State of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) study published this week provides insights into how enterprises move beyond trading off usability for security and what’s most important to new, more virtual workforces. From the employee’s perspective, an optimized hybrid work environment allows them to seamlessly switch between devices, whether working in the office remotely or even in transit.

Usability tradeoffs need to go 

CIOs and CISOs tell VentureBeat that the worse the usability of a given cybersecurity app is, the more workarounds users will find to either not use it or find new ways to access what they need without going through authentication. 

This is so common that just under half of the C-level executives interviewed (49%) have requested to bypass one or more security measures in the past year. In addition, 72% of all employees surveyed say they must deal with more security features. Only 21% of IT leaders consider usability and the use …

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