Jan. 6 Hearings Set To Highlight Battle Between Democracy And Donald Trump

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Politics

WASHINGTON — The House Jan. 6 committee’s long-awaited public hearings are set to start this week, promising to highlight the deep schism between Donald Trump and his allies on one side and democracy on the other.The committee planned a half-dozen hearings over two weeks to lay out its findings from more than 1,000 interviews — a great many compelled by a subpoena — and more than 100,000 pages of documents, with the hope of boiling it down to an easily digested narrative about what the former president tried to do to remain in power.Advertisement“They’ve got massive amounts of information. They’ve interviewed massive numbers of people,” said J. Michael Luttig, the retired federal appellate judge who advised former Vice President Mike Pence that he had no authority to overturn the election as Trump was demanding. “They’ve got to condense this down and tell one simple story.”To Luttig, who expects to appear as one of the witnesses during the hearings, that story is not at all complicated. “The single story they’ve got to tell the American people is that our democracy is in peril,” he said. “When Trump denies that he lost the election and promises to do the same next time in order to ensure that he wins, he is driving a stake through the heart of our democracy.”The committee announced an 8 p.m. prime-time start for its first hearing on Thursday, promising “previously unseen material” regarding “the coordinated, multi-step effort to overtur …

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