Spain’s Socialists receive wake-up call after Andalusia election

by | Jun 28, 2022 | World

Andalusia, Spain – Few political wake-up calls are as brutally loud as the one received last week in Andalusia’s regional election by Spain’s Socialist Party, as a landslide victory for their right-wing arch-rivals, the People’s Party (PP) left the country’s ruling party looking vulnerable.All eight provinces of the traditional Socialist Party (PSOE) bastion were either held or gained by the PP, previously running a fragile minority government in Andalusia, but now able to rule with a historically unprecedented overall majority.
The Socialists’ most grievous defeat was undoubtedly losing the region including Seville, Andalusia’s capital, where they had been unbeaten since democracy returned to Spain in 1977.
Their total number of Andalusian members dropped to 30 in the 109-seat parliament, the PSOE’s worst-ever result in a region where they ruled uninterrupted for more than 30 years until 2018.
As the liberal-leaning El País newspaper put it: “It was the hardest of blows, and it went straight to the heart of their stronghold.”
Solid endorsement
After a campaign led by the mild-mannered, affable Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla (also known as Juan Moreno) focusing heavily on its traditional agenda of economic issues, the PP’s historic triumph in Spain’s most populated region is also a solid endorsement of the party’s recently revived moderate, centrist-leaning image espous …

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