The Moneyist: I had a date with a great guy. I didn’t drink, but his wine added $36 to our bill. We split the check evenly. Should I have spoken up?

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear Moneyist, I went on a date with a great guy last week. We both ordered salads and entrees at a famous restaurant in Los Angeles.

It was an exciting venue to meet someone for the first time, and I kept my eyes peeled for boldfaced names. Believe me when I say restaurant dates have been replaced by awkward walks in the park and coffee dates at Starbucks
in recent years, so it was nice to actually get dressed up and have something to look forward to.  But — yes, there’s a but — he ordered two glasses of wine, which cost $18 each. He had a Chardonnay with his salad, and a Cabernet with his main course. I don’t drink during the week and was happy to drink tap water, but I make no judgment about anyone who does choose to have a few drinks, especially on a first date. His beverages added $36 to the bill, and I waited for him to say, “I’ll get the tip,” or “You don’t have to pay for my alcohol,” or even, “Would you like me to take the wine off and pay for it separately?” He did not do any of those things. Including tax and tip, that probably added over $20 to my bill. I paid my half of the bill. Should I have spoken up? Is it OK to ask someone else to pay for your alcohol? First DaterDear First Dater, I’ll break this down into two parts: Chardonnay Manners and Cabernet Dreams.  Let’s start with Chardonnay Manners: You did what yo …

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