Top 20 cybersecurity interview questions to know in 2022

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Technology

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An Enterprise Strategy Group study found that almost two-thirds of organizations intend to increase IT spending this year, with 69% of respondents noting that they were raising their cybersecurity spending in the same period. Only 2% expect to spend less on cybersecurity. 

“Cybersecurity remains the top IT initiative in 2022,” said Jon Oltsik, an analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. 

He added that the cybersecurity job market reflects these trends. There are far more companies looking for security specialists than there is talent available. 

Cybersecurity jobs: A seller’s market 

While it is a “seller’s market” that favors potential recruits over employers, interviews remain a fact of life. Prospective candidates had better be prepared. That means being ready to answer some tough questions. 

There are plenty of sources around that offer the top 50 cybersecurity questions. These articles provide the questions as well as answers. Their goal is for job candidates to drill on answering these questions to appear more convincing during interviews. This approach has some validity. But it typically limits itself only to detailed technical questions rather than business-oriented questions. 

The fact is that the field of security is diverse and constantly evolving. Knowing what technical questions will be asked is difficult if not impossible. Companies like Google are famous for providing candidates with obscure and highly technical problems to solve. 

In this article, we split the questions into two categories. Ten technical questions that might come up, as well as 10 career — or business-oriented questions that prospective employers may ask. 

Let’s start with the business or personal questions.

Top cybersecurity interview questions to expect for managerial or executive positions 

Some firms just want to look at your credentials, certifications and experience, and will ask you a series of technical questions to see that you know your stuff. A few examples of such questions are included in the second part. However, many interviewers will want to dig deeper into motivations, purposes and personal attributes. They want to determine whether you are business savvy and have managerial …

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