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by | Jun 22, 2022 | Business

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When I’m training people in digital marketing for their businesses, one thing I run into is this huge resistance to change. Even when I’ve proven to them how using the strategies will catapult their businesses to new levels, and they know they should do it, most still have a hard time.
To be successful as entrepreneurs, most of us need to change something in our lives: our habits, our managerial style, our systems or even the product or service we offer. When markets shift, you’ve got to pivot and adapt. When you experience ongoing issues in your business, you’ve got to change. We know this yet, change still feels hard. But if our very lives were on the line, we’d make the change, right? Well, maybe not.

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Most would risk death rather than change
Alan Deutschman wrote a book called Change or Die. In it, he says that cardiological studies show that 9 out of 10 people who are at risk of heart attack will not make the changes they need to take. They’re given instructions about not smoking, drinking and eating less, avoiding lots of stress and regular exercise — all the things they need to do to have the best chance of staying alive. Their doctors tell them if they don’t follow through, they will probably die. Yet when you check back with them a year later, 9 out of 10 still didn’t make the changes.
Well, Mutual of Omaha …

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