Adding AI to knowledge management is a $4.5M game-changer (VB On-Demand)

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Technology

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Learn how Fortune 500 companies are applying AI-powered knowledge management and realizing a 60% reduction in overall IT ticket volume, thousands of hours of time-saving, $4.5 million annual savings in IT support costs and more, in this VB On-Demand event!

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Enterprise knowledge management is critical: everything that can move your business forward already exists in many forms in your organization, says Igor Jablokov, CEO & founder, Pryon.

“If you look at the enterprises that have been able to rise in value, like Amazon and Netflix, they’re the ones that can most effectively deal with the signals coming from customers, partners, employees and investors,” Jablokov says. “Getting everyone the information they need to be successful at their tasks usually turns into economic outcomes that they can measure.”

There’s also an increasing number of concrete reasons that enterprise knowledge management has become a top CEO priority — and the competition for talent is number one on the list, says Chris Mahl, president & CRO, at Pryon.

“People that are the best of the best want to be places where at their fingertips is the wisdom of the company, the leverage of the company,” he explains. “A big part of what attracts talent is not just the DNA and the brand and the aperture of the company, but the experience of being enriched. That’s all about the effective distribution of knowledge.”

But right now, knowledge silos are common, creating inefficiencies …

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