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by | Jul 28, 2022 | COVID-19

Judy Woodruff:
In year three of the pandemic, most Americans have returned to a sense of some normalcy, but the virus is still disrupting daily life.The U.S. is recording roughly 130,000 new cases per day, and deaths are on the rise, with an average now of more than 430 a day.We reached out to viewers for their latest questions about risk and safety.And we get some answers once again from Katelyn Jetelina. She’s an epidemiologist with the University of Texas. And she writes the “Your Local Epidemiologist” newsletter on Substack.Katelyn Jetelina, welcome back to the “NewsHour.”And let’s just plunge into these questions.First, Sophie from New York City is writing. She says: “Is there a definitive answer to how long after you have COVID you can continue to test positive on an antigen home test? Is it worth testing to get out of isolation, or is there no value in that?”Katelyn Jetelina, University of Texas Health Science Center: Yes, so we see really strong evidence that an Omicron infection lasts on average about eight to 10 days.Some people will be infectious for less. And this is especially true if you’re vaccinated. The vaccine helps you clear that virus faster. But some will be infecti …

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