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by | Jul 31, 2022 | Jobs

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What is the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in an economy that has been whipsawed by worker resignations on one hand, and layoffs and hiring freezes on the other? 

As I think about this one-two punch, Batman comes to mind. Hear me out.

For years, AI-driven automation has been seen as a potential job killer. The thinking: robots and drones would replace the hands-on work of builders and doers. We’re getting a glimpse of this with driverless cars and automated factories. 

But it’s possible that AI could have the opposite effect and drive demand for skilled workers in new jobs. In this scenario, rote administrative work might indeed give way to algorithmic processes, but new opportunities are created for workers in data-intensive businesses. 

So, which is it? Does AI take jobs or create jobs? 

Back to Batman. A perennial favorite in popular culture, Batman is sometimes viewed warily by those that may not fully understand him. He’s both the Dark Knight and a force for good. 

AI has its own duality, the dark side being its stereotyped reputation as a job killer. But because AI can spur new-style jobs while also driving efficiencies, the business world, like Gotham City, will be a better place. 

I’m convinced that AI will be a net positive for today’s workforce, as well as for businesses that are trying to strike the right balance in a global economy that rewards operational efficiency yet punishes those unable to attract and retain talent. 

AI-driven processes and applications push both of those levers. They can increase business productivity while also establishing high-value j …

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