Clashes in Sudan’s Blue Nile leave thousands stranded without aid

by | Jul 22, 2022 | World

Refugees in the Blue Nile say their conditions are becoming increasingly desperate as help fails to arrive.Al-Damazin, Sudan – Tribal fighting in Sudan’s Blue Nile state has forced thousands of people from their homes after violence broke out earlier in July over a land dispute between the Birta and Hausa ethnic groups.
The clashes in the state bordering South Sudan and Ethiopia have resulted in a spiralling humanitarian crisis, as aid organisations await the cessation of the hostilities to deliver assistance.
Authorities have said that at least 105 people have been killed.
Sara Mohammed said she fled al-Damazin as soon as she heard reports of tribal fighting and headed to the neighbouring Sennar state.
“It took us more than six hours of walking to get here and now we have nothing except what we were given by the host communities,” she said.
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While some have managed to find refuge elsewhere, thousands of people are displaced within the Blue Nile state itself.
“I escaped with nothing except the clothes I’m wearing,” Anwar Mohammed told Al Jazeera.
Refugees said they were becoming more and more desperate as their location remained hard to reach because of the ongoing fighting.
“No one has come to see what our needs are. There are people with chronic diseases and children needing help. We need someone to come and provide us with assistance,” he said.
Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan, reporting from al-Damazin in the Blue Nile state, said that as long as tribal hostilities persist, getting help to those who need it will remain a challenge.
While members of the Hausa tribe say the violence erupted after the Birta rejected a Hausa request to create a “civil authority to supervise access to land”, Birta tribesmen said the tribe was responding to a “v …

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