Climate Change Affects Large GHG Producers the Least – TriplePundit

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Climate Change

Researchers from Dartmouth College recently released a new study in which they’ve tallied up the costs of climate change along with the economic benefits of such activities. The study’s authors sought to determine just how much economic damage that the Global North has done to the Global South with the former’s reckless release of greenhouse gases. In demonstrating that the world’s advanced economies have shifted the consequences of their growth to the southern hemisphere, the report opens the door for restitution. However, financial compensation is not enough to restore climate equity. While top emitters must be held accountable for the total cost of doing business, they cannot be allowed to continue such business as usual.Only 10 countries are behind 67 percent of worldwide economic losses due to climate change. Yet, those same countries reap 70 percent of the economic rewards from emissions-causing activity. Of the 10 largest emitters, the U.S. leads the pack in causing 16.5 percent of worldwide economic losses, with China not far behind at 15.8 percent. Meanwhile, instead of suffering their own losses, the two countries came out on top in economic rewards at 18 and 16.8 percent, respectively. Additionally, the five biggest greenhouse gas emitters (U.S., China, Russia, Brazil and India) were responsible for $6 trillion dollars in global l …

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