Covid-19 reinfections may increase the likelihood of new health problems – CNN

by | Jul 5, 2022 | COVID-19

The study, which is based on the health records of more than 5.6 million people treated in the VA Health System, found that, compared with those with just one Covid-19 infection, those with two or more documented infections had more than twice the risk of dying and three times the risk of being hospitalized within six months of their last infection. They also had higher risks for lung and heart problems, fatigue, digestive and kidney disorders, diabetes and neurologic problems.The findings come as a fresh wave of coronavirus variants, notably Omicron’s BA.5, have become dominant in the United States and Europe, causing cases and hospitalizations to rise once again. BA.5 caused about 54% of cases nationwide last week, doubling its share of Covid-19 transmission over the past two weeks, according to Common new diagnoses after reinfections included chest pain, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, inflammation of the heart muscle or the sac around the heart, heart failure and blood clots. Common lung issues included shortness of breath, low blood oxygen, lung disease, and accumulation of fluid around the lungs, Al-Aly said.The study found that the risk of a new health problem was highest around the time of a Covid-19 reinfection, but it also persisted for at least six months. The increased risk was present whether or not someone had been vaccinated, and it was graded — meaning it increased with each subsequent infection.Al-Aly said that’s not what people really think will happen when they get Covid a second or third time.”There is this idea that if you had Covid before, your immune system is trained to recognize it and is more equipped to fight it, and if you’re getting it again, maybe it doesn’t affect you that much, but that’s not really true,” he sai …

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