Democratic Push To Diversify Primaries Runs Into Very White Sticking Point: New Hampshire

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Politics

As Democrats work to reorder their presidential primaries before the 2024 election, the committee charged with selecting a new slate of states is running into a very stubborn and very white sticking point: What to do about New Hampshire, a state whose first-in-the-nation status and history of razor-thin elections has long meant it has punched above its political weight class. The Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is set to have a virtual meeting Friday to discuss the party’s ongoing efforts to change the states that will get to hold the first presidential primaries in 2024 and beyond, giving them an outsized say in the American political process.AdvertisementAlmost no one involved in the process expects Iowa to retain its status as the first state to vote, through its caucus system, and there is some risk the state could lose its early voting status entirely. But New Hampshire is a trickier proposition, and finding the right answer will involve balancing competing party goals and could have a significant political effect. Nevada, one of the nation’s most diverse states, is openly gunning for New Hampshire’s spot.The Democratic Party, which counts Black, Latino and Asian voters as key chunks of its political base, has made the diversity of a state’s electorate a key part of the criteria to determine which states will get to cast their presidential primary ballots first. By that measure, New Hampshire fares even worse than Iowa. The state is 87.2% non-Hispanic white, compared to 84.1% in Iowa, according to the 2020 census, makin …

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