Dynatrace unifies key analytics capabilities to better understand customer experience

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Technology

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Massachusetts-headquartered Dynatrace, which provides an intelligence layer to monitor and optimize application development, performance and IT infrastructure, today unified two key capabilities in its core offering –  log analytics and digital experience monitoring (DEM). The move, it says, will give enterprises deeper insights into customer experiences, resulting in improved product optimization.

Today, the process of tracking customer journeys primarily revolves around observability solutions. However, most of these platforms provide isolated data, which means siloed teams have to manually connect the pieces in order to come up with a clear view of what is happening on the end user’s side. The task gets particularly complex when you have to track specific user journeys.

Dynatrace’s unified solution

With the latest unification, Dynatrace is bridging that gap and automatically linking event logs and DEM tool’s session data in one place. This allows development teams – be it front-end or back-end – to easily dive into logs and the specific user sessions that generated them to gain deeper insights into the product experience. The unified data also includes video replays of any click, tap, or swipe executed by the user, thanks to DEM’s Session Replay capability.

“As technology stacks have become more distributed, and logs and user session data more fragmented, developers have been challenged to understand the link between back-end system performance and front-end user experience,” said Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace. “By bridging this gap and unifying logs, user sessions, and visual Session Replays, Dynatrace makes it easier for teams to ensure optimal user journeys while proactively solving any issues that may have gone into production undetected. This automated, customer- …

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