Ex-CIA engineer Joshua Schulte convicted over massive data leak

by | Jul 14, 2022 | World

Schulte was convicted over the leak of the spy agency’s most valuable intelligence tools to WikiLeaks, in one of the biggest such thefts in CIA’s history.A former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) software engineer has been convicted of leaking classified information to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, in one of the biggest such thefts in the United States spy agency’s history.
Joshua Schulte, 33, was convicted on Wednesday by jurors in a Manhattan federal court on eight espionage charges and one obstruction charge over the so-called Vault 7 leak.
Vault 7 was a collection of malware, viruses, trojans and “zero day” exploits that, once leaked out, were available for use by foreign intelligence groups, hackers and cyber extortionists around the world.
Prosecutors said Schulte, who represented himself at the month-long trial and is now facing decades behind bars, was a resentful employee and leaked the 8,761 documents to harm the agency.
“Schulte was a CIA programmer with access to some of the country’s most valuable intelligence-gathering cyber tools used to battle terrorist organizations and other malign influences around the globe,” Damian Williams, the US attorney in Manhattan, said in a statement.
“When Schulte began to harbor resentment toward the CIA, he covertly collected those tools and provided them to WikiLeaks, making some of our most critical intelligence tools known to the public – and therefore, our adversaries.
“Today, Schulte has been convicted for one of the most brazen and damaging acts of espionage in American history,” in undermining US efforts …

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