FeatureByte launched by Datarobot vets to advance AI feature engineering

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a lot of promise to enterprises to help optimize processes and improve operational efficiency. The challenge for many, though, is getting data in the right shape and with the right processes to actually be able to benefit from AI.

That’s the challenge that the two cofounders of FeatureByte, Razi Raziuddin and Xavier Conort, noticed time and again while working at enterprise AI platform vendor Datarobot. Raziuddin worked for over five years at Datarobot including a stint as the senior VP of AI services, while Conort was the chief data scientist at Datarobot for over six years.

“One of the challenges that we’ve seen is that AI is not just about building models, which is really the focus of not just Datarobot, but pretty much the entire AI and ML [machine learning] tooling space,” Raziuddin told VentureBeat. “The key challenge that still remains and we call it the weakest link in AI development, is just the management, preparation and deployment of data in production.”

Borrowing data prep from data analytics to improve AI development

Raziuddin explained that feature engineering is a combination of several activities designed to help optimize, organize and monitor data so that it can effectively be used to help build features for an AI model. F …

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