Grandma Wong, fixture of Hong Kong protests, jailed for 8 months

by | Jul 13, 2022 | World

The veteran activist served two short terms in prison in July 2021 and in April this year.A Hong Kong court has found veteran activist Alexandra Wong, better known to the world as “Grandma Wong”, guilty of two counts of illegal assembly landing her back in jail for eight months.
The magistrate on Wednesday said Wong’s flag-waving was a symbol of encouragement that incited other protesters and cited the “scale and disruption” of the 2019 protests as part of his sentencing considerations.
As a veteran activist, Wong, 66, has been in and out of the courts over the past few years for her political activities in Hong Kong. Her latest case concerns a protest in August 2019 where Wong reportedly uttered “illegal words”.
Wong was a frequent fixture at the months-long democracy protests that year often spotted carrying a British flag – a symbol of the city’s colonial past.
Wong reportedly changed her plea to not guilty shortly before her trial began.
The sentence will not see Wong for the first time in prison. She served two short terms in July 2021 and again in April this year for separately obstructing a police officer and assaulting a security guard during protests.
The magistrate specifically mentioned Wong’s flag-waving in jailing her for eight months [File: Peter Parks/AFP]
Wong also disappeared during the 2019 democracy protests for 14 months while visiting She …

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