Help My Career: ‘It’s not about the future of work, it’s about the future of living’: How to handle the dreaded ‘return-to-work’ Zoom call with your boss

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Stock Market

When is it good for you to return to the office?  Some people may be tempted to quote that famous New Yorker cartoon and reply, “How about never —  is never good for you?” But what is acceptable in a smarty-pants magazine cartoon strip is hardly acceptable in real life. Few managers will take kindly to a zero-sum game.

So how do you handle that conversation? Because if it has not happened yet, it likely soon will. Some companies have gone fully remote. Airbnb
for example, launched a “live and work anywhere” program for its employees. With more cities instituting strict rules around short-term stays, the company clearly has a vested interest in leading by example and having its employees work from home (or an Airbnb in the country). Coinbase
Slack, Shopify
and other companies are also staying remote.  Meanwhile, a large number of companies are allowing their employees to work on a hybrid schedule, meaning a few days a week at home and a few days a week in the office. They include Twitter
Reddit, Facebook parent Meta
and, of course, Zoom
 — another company that benefits from people working at least part of the time at home. It’s also worth remembering that remote work is a luxury. Only 7.1% of workers in June teleworked specifically due to the pandemic, accordin …

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