How edge computing is accelerating innovation across hardware, software and service provider domains

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Technology

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An increasing number of enterprises are placing more emphasis on edge computing. According to a report from AT&T Cybersecurity, 75% of security leaders are either planning, in the process of deploying, or have fully deployed an edge use case. This is largely attributed to the technology’s capacity to conserve bandwidth, speed up response times and enable data processing with fewer restrictions. In fact, the State of the Edge study from the Linux Foundation predicts that by 2028, enterprises will be using edge computing more extensively.

During VentureBeat’s Transform 2022 virtual conference, David Shacochis, vice president of product strategy for enterprise at Lumen, moderated a panel discussion to talk about how edge computing is transforming use cases and strategies for some of the real giants of the industry, across hardware, software and service provider domains. 

The discussion also featured Shacochis’s colleague Chip Swisher, who runs the internet of things (IoT) practice for Lumen; Rick Lievano, CTO for the worldwide telecommunications industry at Microsoft; and Dan O’Brien, general manager for HTC Vive.

Technology evolutionary cycles

Shacochis said computing power has gone through evolutionary cycles that oscillate back and forth between centralized and distributed models. Looking across periods of technological achievement, Shacochis said steam power enabled mass production industries, while electrical distribution fueled the modern industrial economy that brought about the dawn of computing power in microprocessing. This, he said, has now led to the present day and what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

He further noted that the dawn of mainframe is the original dawn of computing power, distributing out to client ser …

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