How the best online marketplaces support partner success and growth (VB On-Demand)

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Technology

Presented by Tipalti

No matter the size of your company, customers demand a better marketplace experience. In this VB On-Demand event, industry experts share best practices for reducing friction, delighting users and choosing the right tech platforms to drive engagement and growth.

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Big brands, like Amazon, Uber and Roblox, have nailed the marketplace equation. Not only do they offer superior customer experiences both for platform partners and their customers, they do it in such a seamless way that customers expect that level of service in every corner of the internet, in both their B2C and B2B lives. How can a smaller marketplace deliver?

“Right now, the marketplace platforms best positioned for success are the ones who create an experience for their partners that enables them to just think about their brand and their content, and stay focused on the front of the house,” says Paco Suro,GM, global partner payments, at Tipalti.

These digital platforms range from sales platforms to soapboxes for influencers, marketplaces for selling music royalties, sharing digital content, or serving up rideshares. All of them are creating front-facing products and services that are very specific to their audiences, and require unique support to succeed. For instance, an elearning experience, with online educators, is focused on building not only their brand, but a classroom and an audience of learners, and needs a platform that can support its goals.

So on the back end, the ideal platform gives these educators effic …

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