How to have fun this summer in spite of Covid-19 and extreme heat – CNN

by | Jul 23, 2022 | COVID-19

This is not the summer of kissing strangers or gallivanting all day until the sun goes down. No; this summer we are once again drowning in oceans of our own perspiration, thanks to Treat yourself. Even as it feels like our institutions are crumbling around us, Sing your heart out with karaoke. Chances are, if there’s a song you want to sing, then there’s a backing track for it on YouTube (bless whoever makes them for obscure ditties from forgotten musicals; this author is grateful). While a cheap wireless microphone might help fuel your pop star fantasy, a hairbrush or kitchen spatula are also acceptable items to sing into. Get really into puzzles. I’d stay inside all day to do a puzzle even if the weather was beautiful and Covid-19 was but a twinkle in our collective eye. But now I have a reason to do it without feeling like I’m shunning humanity! Maybe, by the time the sticky heat of summer becomes the less sticky, hopefully brisker winds of fall, you’ll have worked your way up to 2,000-piece puzzles. (And if the thought is daunting, CNN has an illustrated guide on how to start and finish a puzzle.)Learn a TikTok dance. This one is easier said than done, sure, but why not? What else do we have going on? I bet if you watch Lizzo and acolytes do the “About Damn Time” dance on a loop, you, too will bust a move with the bet of them. But if that’s not your speed, you can freestyle or create your own choreography.Read a ridiculously long book. “Infinite Jest.” “Anna Karenina.” “It.” Anything Jonathan Franzen. The thick volumes sitting on your shelf have taunted you for years — now’s the time to crack them open. And maybe even finish them! …

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