How we remember them: The friend who died too young

by | Jul 18, 2022 | World

In the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, loss has been part of the lives of millions. In “How we remember them”, we reflect on how we process that loss and the things – both tangible and intangible – that remind us of those we have lost. In restaurants, we say “in the weeds”. Being in the weeds feels like drowning. One table needs water. Another stares into space, menus closed; they have been waiting to order, but every time you try to get to their table, another crisis emerges. Getting to them feels like moving through maple syrup.
They say restaurants are fast-paced, but ask anyone who has ever been in the weeds and they will tell you: during a moment when everything is crashing down, five minutes feels like five hours. One complaint feels like one million daggers. A small mistake can have many, many, many repercussions.
I mention this here because, after college, I became a waitress. I had no training. I actually had no business being a waitress. In college, at Columbia University, I was, first, a major in English and comparative literature, and, second, an intern at a few literary magazines. In high school, I had worked retail, at my Massachusetts hometown’ …

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