Ideological Battles Are Fading From Democratic Primaries

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Politics

SILVER SPRING, Md. ― Tom Perez took over as chair of the Democratic National Committee in the aftermath of a 2016 presidential race that tore open the divide between progressives and moderates within the party. Throughout his four-year tenure leading the organization, he repeatedly had to navigate the demands of left-leaning and centrist factions as Democrats worked to take back both Congress and the White House.Now, as Perez makes his own run for governor of Maryland and the Democrats he helped elect struggle to pull their agenda across the finish line in Washington, something surprising is happening: In Perez’s race and others, the ideological battles that defined the past four years of Democratic primaries are cooling, with experience and background becoming more important as voters look for candidates who can tackle inflation, climate change and a sclerotic political system. Advertisement“The questions voters are asking now are really centered around who is battle-tested to handle, to multitask on these issues,” Perez told reporters after rallying his campaign volunteers outside an early voting site in this Washington suburb. “It’s about who can be both a dreamer and a doer, who can articulate a vision that is consistent with my values but then also get stuff done.” Ideology is not wholly irrelevant. Elected officials, unions and well-funded outside groups are still studying candidates’ positions on key issues before making endorsements and spending decisions, and some races, especially for deep-blue Ho …

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