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by | Jul 6, 2022 | COVID-19

At-home Covid tests have become a first-aid kit essential. But stocking up on them isn’t cheap. If your supply is dwindling, there’s good news: iHealth’s FDA-approved Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test is currently on sale at Amazon for $12 ($6 off). This is the lowest price we’ve ever tracked for this kit, which comes with two tests. The caveats? The deal is exclusively on Amazon and will expire at 2:59 am ET on July 7 (11:59 pm Pacific time on July 6).Speaking of which, Amazon’s Prime Day is around the corner. We’ve rounded up other great early deals right here if you’re looking to save on all kinds of gadgets and gizmos.If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more. iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test
Photograph: CVSGet Reimbursed if You Have InsuranceEven though $6 off each test is a great deal, insurance companies (private and group health plans) are required to cover eight FDA-approved over-the-counter Covid-19 tests per month. If your insurance provider considers an iHealth test ordered through Amazon to be out of network, you can still be reimbursed for up to $12 per test—which will cover nearly the full cost of each test pre-tax. Why We Like the iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid TestThe iHealth Covid-19 test works like any standard at-home kit. It’s also one of the easier tests to use of the many we’ve tested in our Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Tests guide. Inside the box, you’ll get two nasal swabs, two vials of solution, and two test cassettes. Taking a test is straightforward. Swab both nostrils to collect your sample, soak it in the solution, add three drops of it to the cassette, and wait 15 minutes for your results to appear on the card. If the test is positive, two lines will appear on the cassette—one next to the “C” (control) line and the second next to the “T” (test line). If the result is negative, one line will appear next to the “C.” Since each pack comes with two tests, if you test negative you should test again within 24 to 48 hours, especially if you have recently been exposed to someone who tested positive. Once the test is complete, you’ll be able to upload your results to iHealth’s companion app. With negative test results, the app will grant you access to an iHealth pass on your device to use as digital proof. If you’re buying Covid test kits in bulk, be sure to store them properly—out of direct sunlight and in a dry location where the temperature sits between 35 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also keep an eye on the expiration dates. iHealth recently extended the shelf life of its test kits to nine months; you can check the new expiration of each test kit by lot number via iHealth’s site. It’s also important to make sure you use the included test cassette within one hour of opening the foil pouch.Note: In May, the Food and Dru …

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