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by | Jul 30, 2022 | Financial

The higher the percentages of taxes and fees added to the value of products and services, the more they kill the business, investment and thus the economy in general.Increased costs and then the prices of products and services lead to significant negative effects on the competitiveness and attractiveness of business sectors.
Although higher taxes and fees generate more revenue, they are temporary and unsustainable, and they in turn also deprive a lot of revenue in the long term, because this approach in short kills the economy.
It is as if we are trying to solve today’s problems with distorted temporary solutions at the expense of tomorrow. Like giving a sedative, but its repetition or persistence causes death.
No decision maker succeeds unless they take the present and the future into consideration and ensure a balance between them. No decision maker succeeds unless they sacrifice a little of the present for the sake of the future and not the other way around.
No decision maker whose thinking is guided by absolute numbers and not by policies will succeed. Whoever prevails accounting over economics does not succeed in his decisions.
Planning begins with shaping the future and developing its vision, then mo …

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