Indian woman to visit Pakistan home for the first time since 1947

by | Jul 18, 2022 | World

When 92-year-old Indian citizen Reena Varma visits her childhood home in Pakistan this week, for the first time in 75 years, she will be the only one in her family to make it back home since they left shortly before the partition divided the two nations.“My dream came true,” she said, adding her sister had died without ever being able to fulfill her wish to return to the home in the city of Rawalpindi they left when Varma was 15 years old.
The family of five siblings fled to the erstwhile western Indian state of Pune shortly before the partition in August 1947.
Although Varma was able to travel once to the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore as a young woman, she has never been back to Rawalpindi.
Her parents and siblings have since died.
Reena Varma speaks during an interview with the Reuters news agency in Lahore [Mohsin Raza/Reuters]
Crossing into Pakistan by road last week after decades of attempts to get a visa, she felt a wave of emotion.
“When I crossed the Pakistan-India border and saw the signs for Pakistan and India, I got sentimental,” she said, speaking during a stop in Lahore. “Now, I cannot predict how I will react when I reach Rawalpindi and see my ancestral home in the street.”
Varma’s family was among the millions of people whose lives were disrupted in 1947, when departing British colonial administrators ordered the creation of two countries – one mostly Muslim and one majority Hindu.
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