: Inflation has hit women more ‘acutely,’ experts say. Here’s why.

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Stock Market

First came the pandemic, then came inflation. Americans already feel anxiety caused by rising prices. However, experts say that women are feeling it more acutely. A mix of factors — including a gender imbalance in household duties and pandemic-induced financial insecurity exacerbated by an increase in childcare costs — are all impacting women’s mental wellbeing.

“There is a clear link between people experiencing financial stress and having poor mental health,” said Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, a family physician at One Medical based in Phoenix, Ariz. Bhuyan often works with lower-income communities. Among her clients, mental health is the No. 1 issue, she said. The worsening mental health crisis she’s seeing in her own line of work could be caused by a multitude of factors, she added, including social isolation and pressures at work. Financial insecurity, not helped by 40-year-high inflation, is adding another layer of difficulty. “I’ve had patients who feel angry, depressed, anxious, or fearful about their finances,” Bhuyan said. “It’s often triggered when they have to pay their rent, when they get a bill, when they are thinking about their groceries, when they are thinking about gas prices, or even when they open and look at their bank account.” The consumer price index rose 9.1% on the year in June, according to the Bureau of Labor …

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