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by | Jul 6, 2022 | Jobs

IT execs and hiring managers aren’t just prioritizing automation skills anymore. They’re carving out whole roles that are largely defined by IT automation.This is a twist on the general fear that automation eliminates jobs. It’s true that automation – not just in IT but across a wide range of roles and industries – is impacting various jobs, now and in the future. But automation will also likely create many new jobs that don’t exist yet or didn’t exist, say, 10 years ago, even as it gets rid of other positions.
IT occupies an interesting space in that broader trend. Many of the dominant and emerging trends in IT – hybrid cloud, containerization, orchestration, CI/CD, cybersecurity – depend heavily on automation. That means they also depend heavily on people with the right mix of skills to implement and manage the various tools and technologies underpinning modern software development and IT infrastructure.
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In IT perhaps more than any other field, fears that automation will replace the need for humans – while not unfounded – are a bit overblown. That’s evident in the job market. There’s a slew of positions that – even if they don’t feature the word “automation” in the title – might as well be classified as “automation jobs.” And while reasonable people can disagree, it is at least fair to declare there is a relatively new class of IT roles that require automation skills as minimum stakes at the interview table.
This is also reflected in IT leaders’ budgets and strategic priorities. Red Hat’s Global Technology Outlook 2022 notes that while IT operations automation specifically remains a middle-of-the-pack funding priority, it ticked up two points (to 28%) this year. Moreover, automation investments are fueling increases in other IT priorities such as security and application development.
That means investments not j …

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