Jan. 6 Committee’s Devastating Case Against Trump Could Most Help Ron DeSantis

by | Jul 23, 2022 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― The Jan. 6 House select committee investigating Donald Trump’s coup attempt used Republicans to lay out the case against him, and the biggest beneficiaries of its work likely will be, perhaps ironically, other Republicans ― specifically those who seek the 2024 presidential nomination that Trump covets for himself.In a tightly choreographed production spanning 20 hours over six weeks, the committee showed tens of millions of Americans how the former president, having lost his reelection, ultimately tried to use violence and the threat of violence to remain in power ― the very definition of a coup d’etat, or, more technically, a self-coup.Advertisement“Jan. 6 corresponds in every way to the definition and unfolding of a coup,” said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a history professor and expert on authoritarianism at New York University, who added that crucial to this was the support from numerous leaders in the Republican Party. “You need buy-in from those elites so that your illegitimate government will be accepted as legitimate once the coup has happened.”This summer’s presentation culminated Thursday night with testimony from Trump’s own White House officials narrating how the then-president refused to tell the armed mob tha the had unleashed on the U.S. Capitol to stop their attack and to go home until after police had turned the tide and had begun retaking control of the building.The panel had in previous hearings established that Trump knew full well that he had lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden but continued pushing his lies about voter fraud and a “stolen” election. That he and his campaign almost immediately began working to have their supporters in states …

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