Kelley Blue Book: Hyundai breaks the rules with its curvy, swoopy Ioniq 6 EV

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Stock Market

There are unwritten rules to automotive design, and it’s fun when someone breaks them. In 2022, every automaker makes most of its designs look roughly the same. Executives call it a “design language.”

Theoretically, it creates brand identity and helps buyers mentally connect an automaker’s subcompact SUVs with its most luxurious and desirable cars. If you aspire to own a drop-top, race-bred BMW M8 someday but have a quarter of the budget to work with, the theory says, you can still get the twin-kidney grille and broad shoulders with a 2 Series. Design language creates those connections. Hyundai says, “Nah.”An unmistakable look, not a shared one The Korean brand revealed the next step in its push toward an all-electric lineup this week. The Ioniq 6 looks nothing like any other Hyundai. That’s refreshing. Hyundai
hasn’t revealed specifications for the car, so we’re not entirely sure whether the Ioniq 6 is intended to compete as a compact or midsize sedan. That’s fine, as its curvy look defies easy categorization, anyway. It’s based on the gorgeous Hyundai Prophecy concept. Concept cars are almost always wild ideas toned down before they reach production. Their adventurous lines are rarely practical, easy to manufacture, or safe in an accident. We expect more details, including pricing, this month. Check out: The Mercedes EQS electric SUV is about as opulent as it getsCurves everywhere The Prophecy was watered down a little to get to the Ioniq 6. But the Ioniq 6 retains much of the Prophecy’s unusu …

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