Kudelski secures IoT hardware lifecycle

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Technology

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Kudelski, a Swiss security firm, has launched a Secure IP portfolio for IoT products. The new offering provides a hardware enclave for baking security primitives into new chip designs while safeguarding secrets across the complete product development and deployment lifecycle. It allows IoT vendors to embed a hardware root of trust directly into chips, which is harder to hack than software only implementations. 

Kudelski has been a leader in protecting content on devices like set-top boxes and payment systems for decades. The new IoT support extends this expertise to more dynamic workflows required for IoT use cases. 

Michela Menting, digital security research director at ABI Research, told VentureBeat that this is part of an industry trend from silicon IP firms to add support for various security primitives directly into their chip design libraries. Silicon security provides better security than software alone because it is more difficult for hackers to penetrate. 

Securing the IoT hardware ecosystem

Menting said that Arm was a forerunner in this space with security IP for various use cases. This helped pave the way for secure IP adoption and improvement by various semiconductor and hardware vendors. 

“Arm’s success initially for smartphones, with tech like CryptoCell and TrustZone and today for IoT, is really pulling the market forward and driving other silicon IP and semiconductors to target this market and also to innovate,” Menting explained.

Various vendors are also developing secure IP building blocks in addition to Arm and Kudelski, including Intel, Intrinsic-ID, Inside Secure, Secure IC, Maxim, MIPS, Rambus, Silex and Synopsys, among many others. Other vendors are targeting the open-source RISC-V ecosystems, including companies like Dover Microsystems, Veridify, Hex Five and SiFive.

These vendors are rallying behind emerging new IoT hardware security standards esta …

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