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by | Jul 27, 2022 | Business

Use of the cloud delivers a return on investment 10 times greater for cloud leaders than cloud beginners. But how does an organization reach these results? Read on to learn the five core focus areas that can help CEOs, CIOs, and others maximize value throughout their enterprises’ cloud journeys and accelerate their cloud maturity.Enterprises around the world understand that a cloud strategy and approach is critical to the modern and agile business. The challenge is identifying how best to approach it, where to focus their efforts and how to derive the greatest benefit from their cloud investments.
Cloud leaders offer inspiration; their use of cloud delivers a return on investment 10 times greater than cloud beginners, per a recent Wipro FullStride Cloud Services report. But maximizing business value from the cloud requires more than best practices. It also requires a willingness by CEOs, CIOs, and other C-suite leaders to accelerate organizational cloud maturity and apply cloud technologies to five key areas, which are outlined below.
Leading CIOs leverage their cloud investments to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. This strategy is embraced by cloud beginners as well; “cost savings” is one of the quickest wins in the cloud journey, and increasing enterprise agility is a chief investment motive. But cloud leaders distinguish themselves by treating cloud as a central component of their growth strategies.
This disparity isn’t just indicative …

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