‘My roof was stolen’: Syrian homes looted after gov’t recapture

by | Jul 1, 2022 | World

Idlib, Syria – Ghassan Hammoud, aged 46, fled Kafr Nabel in southern Idlib province in 2019, as government forces captured opposition-held areas in Syria’s northwest.He left behind a house he had built a few years earlier, and now lives in a displacement camp near the Turkish border, where he works as a day labourer to look after his seven children and his niece.
Hammoud’s life is hard; he relies on loans for almost half of his monthly expenses and is struggling to cope with abysmal living conditions and cuts to humanitarian aid. But it is what he has recently discovered about his old home, left behind in Kafr Nabel, that upsets him the most.
“I discovered my roof was stolen,” he told Al Jazeera, still in disbelief. After hearing from friends and residents that Syrian government forces had looted abandoned homes, Hammoud had been looking at Google Maps on his phone to view his old neighbourhood.
Photos taken from the air reveal countless homes in Kafr Nabel, including Ghassan Hammoud’s, with missing rooftops [Al Jazeera]
“Then a friend of mine who passed by the area sent me a picture which confirmed everything,” Hammoud said, his voice trembling. “It makes my blood boil.”
And Hammoud said, he was not the only one with a missing roof.
“I don’t think I was personally targeted; they looted the entire neighbourhood!”
Displaced Syrians who fled southern Idlib and Hama province over the past four ye …

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