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by | Jul 31, 2022 | Education

Regarding your editorial “Medical Education Goes Woke” (July 27): Medical curricula adapt as new evidence arises, and the Association of American Medical Colleges’ responsibility is to disseminate new curricular approaches, as we have done with others, like telehealth. We know from the data that social determinants—the conditions where people live—and precursors, like poverty and racism, account for about half of what affects our health. Disparities in Covid-19 outcomes, particularly among people of color, illustrate why these social determinants cannot be ignored.We also know that race is a social construct. There’s a growing body of evidence about what race is and isn’t, and its effect on health. These new insights are improving medical practice. They can also improve medical education, where they are taught in addition to, not at the expense of, the most solid grounding in STEM disciplines.

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