Ransomware preparation and response: Develop a cyber kill chain

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Technology

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Emerging risks in the advent of hybrid/remote work, the proliferation of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) and talent shortages in every area of IT are testing the limitations of CISOs (chief information security officers) and CROs (chief risk officers) as never before. Having a frequently monitored and updated security checklist can be a commonsense approach that breaks a complicated problem down into easier-to-manage departmental tasks.

Kaspersky’s threat intelligence team has conducted analysis into eight of the most prolific ransomware groups, such as Conti and Lockbit2.0, during their attacks. The data reveals many similarities in attack execution, how ransomware groups operate and how to defend against their attacks.

Freezing your network and holding your data hostage is as easy as embedding ransomware in a document macro attached in a phishing email. This can happen even with heightened cybersecurity measures such as zero-tolerance policies and strict password protocols. 

There are myriad ways that malware can access your network. Most are discussed in “The hateful eight: Kaspersky’s guide to modern ransomware groups’ TTPs,” available for download. 

“In recent years, ransomware has become a top concern for the cybersecurity industry, with constant developments and improvements being made by ransomware operators,” comments Nikita Nazarov, team lead for the threat intelligence group at Kaspersky. “It is time consuming and often challenging for cybersecurity specialists to study every single ransomware group and follow each one’s activities and developments in order to win the race between attackers and defenders.”

“We have been tracking the activity of various ransomware groups for a long time, and this report represents the results of a huge piece of analytical work,” Nazarov said. “Its purp …

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