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by | Jul 22, 2022 | Education

Explaining why a student’s educational experience should be considered incomplete if it does not include learning in the arts.

Why should the Albuquerque Public Schools – or any K-12 education entity – include the arts in their curriculum? What lasting benefits do the arts have to offer students? Why should a student’s educational experience be considered incomplete if it does not include learning in the arts?

The arts provide a set of tools for creating, for communicating and understanding others’ ideas, and for making critical choices. This makes the arts as essential to success in daily living as knowing how to read,  write, and compute.
Education in the arts contributes to the quality of learning in all subjects and to the overall learning environment. More specifically, the arts can:

serve as the catalyst for exploring and creating relationships across all content areas;
enrich the multicultural dimensions of the learning environment and in doing so, encourage acceptance and appreciation of both nuance and difference;
foster the exploration of multiple solutions and divergent modes of higher order thinking; and
convey a sense of time and place beyond historical fact.

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