Retirement Weekly: 12 ways to make your retirement better for the planet

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Stock Market

Today’s preretirees and retirees face several financial challenges in addition to concerns about the world we leave our children and grandchildren, as described in the first part of this series. To face these challenges, we’ll need to make many small, medium, and large steps in our lives that will improve our finances while helping to improve our communities and future generations as well. With this spirit in mind, let’s look at a dozen win-win strategies and tips for saving money during our retirement years while helping to leave a better planet for our grandchildren at the same time.

Read: Climate change is a retirement issue — how to turn worry into action Follow your money: Where you live Many people stay put when they retire, and don’t revisit their living situation. However, that three- and four- bedroom home in the suburbs with a lawn may have been a good place to raise your family or commute into the city, but it might not be the best choice for your retirement life. And if you need to significantly reduce your living expenses, housing costs are a good place to start looking for savings, since they’re the largest expense for most retirees. Green home tip No. 1: Be thoughtful about where you live in retirement. That idyllic retirement home at the beach, desert, or mountains may not have the same appeal it might have had in the past. Heat, fires, or floods caused by extreme wea …

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