Terrorism has no nationality, ethnicity or religion

by | Jul 15, 2022 | World

On the evening of July 15, 2016, the “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization” (FETO) launched a bloody coup attempt against the people and the government of my country. Their aim was to establish a radical, fundamentalist regime, loyal only to their ringleader Fethullah Gülen.As FETO-affiliated army units left their barracks to occupy key locations, such as the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul, and fighter jets and attack helicopters bombed strategic targets including the parliament, presidential compound, army and police headquarters; thousands of civilians took to the streets to stop this unprecedented heinous coup attempt. The plotters killed 251 innocent civilians and left thousands injured. On that night the Turkish people defended democracy with their lives. This heroic response was something the conspirators did not foresee.
To understand what transpired, one has to understand the true nature of FETO. FETO was established in the late 1960s as a so-called “religious movement”. In the guise of promoting education and inter-religious dialogue, it managed to cover its malign intentions.
The well-planned and widespread infiltration by FETO members and converts into the army, law enforcement, judiciary and numerous government institu …

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