The Biden administration has to change course on climate change after Court ruling – NPR

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Climate Change

Aides to President Biden say the administration still has options it can pursue in its effort to control climate change despite an adversarial Supreme Court ruling this week.

We start this hour with this week’s Supreme Court ruling on President Biden’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases from power plants. The court said the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped the authority given it by Congress. Biden called the decision devastating, but he’s still promising to use every tool he has to fight climate change. NPR White House correspondent Scott Detrow joins us now. Scott, good morning.
SCOTT DETROW, BYLINE: Hey, morning, Melissa.
BLOCK: We know that the president’s efforts to fight climate change got stuck in Congress last year, and now we have the Supreme Court delivering a defeat. How significant is this ruling?
DETROW: Well, as you mentioned, President Biden called it devastating. A lot of people in the White House were very upset. But over the course of the week, the thing I’ve kept hearing is that they all said this could have been a lot worse. In the short term, it’s kind of a mixed bag, and here’s why. The Supreme Court ruled that the Environ …

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