The Margin: What does FX’s acclaimed ‘The Bear’ really teach us? Skip Chicago’s over-hyped deep dish for a beef and giardiniera

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Stock Market

The edits on the streaming hit “The Bear” are sharper than the kitchen knives that cost the lead, Chef Carmy, some flesh and a shaky truce with his ambivalent line cooks. Roaming cutaways reveal that Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White of the U.S. “Shameless,” is newly returned to Chicago from the famed kitchens of the French Laundry and Noma to clean up his family-run Italian beef sandwich shop after a tragedy. No one really asked him to stay.

Epicurean shots of a raw cuts of beef, salted and massaged, and the gurgle of simmering stocks are almost too beautiful, truly, for the griminess of the lunch counter, but the show would be less without them. The food imagery gives viewers a palate cleanser from a story paced with the anxiety of meal service. The language is spicy and so is the house-made giardiniera, the pickled vegetables that are a must to top any Italian beef on a perfectly chewy roll, regardless of how drenched you can stand it. Read: Here’s what’s new on Hulu in August 2022, and what’s leaving Plus: Here’s everything new coming to HBO Max in August 2022 And: Here’s everything coming to Netflix in August 2022 — and what’s leaving The half-hour streamer from Disney’s
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