The metaverse in retail: A game-changer that’s not ready yet

by | Jul 30, 2022 | Technology

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An opinion on metaverse from the perspective of a tech executive (and nerd) experienced in working with retail companies and the tech that will drive the metaverse.

Will the metaverse dramatically change the way we shop? Probably yes, but the technology driving this will take at least a decade to become even close to mainstream. Still, retail companies can start preparing for it by rethinking the way they build their technology stacks and how they shape their customer journey.

As a nerd, I can’t wait for the immersive experience like the one depicted in the movie/novel Ready Player One about a metaverse called the OASIS, which can be entered with a VR headset, body suit and gloves. In Ready Player One, the metaverse functions as a global virtual society where people are able to do whatever they want, to travel to any place, and be whoever they want. Shopping in such a universe would be the natural evolution of shopping.

How much time do we have to prepare for the metaverse shopping experience? This requires an answer to the question: how far away is today’s technology? 

Over the past 25 years, I have watched and experienced the evolution of VR technology. In this article, I will share my observations and predictions.

It is not easy to stay up to date with news and predictions about the metaverse and on the other hand to feed the FOMO. Since Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and Mark Zuckerberg’s speech in October 2021, this topic has been widely commented on. In the U.S. alone, the average month …

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