The recipe for savvy data management

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Technology

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Successful businesses thrive on data, but what happens when there’s too much data? Too many organizations are drowning in a sea of data from the information they create, collect and receive from sensors and devices. 

An overabundance of data ultimately clutters operations, making it difficult to achieve real value and creating risks and high costs. 

Where once only data architects and database managers were solely responsible for managing data, it’s now everyone’s business. Data management is now shared by any business professional who generates, shares, uses and stores expansive amounts of data every workday. 

How can you help your employees appreciate the need for proper data management to protect critical data from being lost or stolen? How can they know the difference between valuable and excess data? And how can they understand the total lifecycle of data as it traverses across multiple departments, devices and people?  

The answer lies in the ability to understand and practice intelligent data management. If your organization struggles to stay afloat in a sea of data, here are six steps to help your employees learn how to manage data and extract critical insights to help your business grow. 

Know where and how to find data

Most of us know how to find data in our applications and shared file systems like DropBox or other cloud-based storage services. But often, that data is tribal and limited to our roles or departments. According to IDC, for every 1,000 people in an organization, an average of $5.7 million in labor costs is wasted every year searching and not finding data. 

A data assessment helps expand visibility beyond our primary roles and groups to discover how much data is in …

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