Time to end Russian blackmail over humanitarian aid to Idlib

by | Jul 26, 2022 | World

In a widely expected move, Russia has recently vetoed the extension of the UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2585 which regulates the delivery of humanitarian aid to more than four million Syrians crammed in the northwestern enclave of Idlib. At the last moment, and after extracting a number of concessions in the negotiations with the US and other interlocutors, Russia agreed to extend the delivery mechanism one last time, but only for another six months, insisting that the aid must be delivered through Damascus and areas under the control of the Syrian leadership.If Russia carries out the threat that this is the last extension of the mechanism, the millions of Syrians in dire need of humanitarian aid will be facing the harsh winter of north Syria without access to life-saving aid.
How did we get to the point where the lives of countless Syrians are in the hands of a country which is clearly an aggressor against those same Syrians, only last week killing an entire family with four children in one of the almost daily bombardments by its air force?
Not only is it inhumane to allow Russia to abuse its veto power in the UNSC in order to pursue its wartime goals in Syria, but it is also unnecessary. The moral and, more importantly, the legal basis for the continuation of delivery of aid to Idlib without the UNSC approval is strong and clear.
Last week, Amnesty International joined Syrian groups which have for more than a ye …

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