Valley Oaks Medical Group’s strategy in healthcare

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Technology

Less than two years from the inception of Valley Oaks Medical Group, the company has tactically acquired nine primary care and six specialty clinics in key healthcare markets such as Nevada, Texas, South Carolina and Connecticut. The company’s strategy is to target clinics in geographies that are favorable to the retirement population, which in turn provides access to a high number of Medicare patients.

Guru Charan, Founder and CEO, said, “We believe that the diverse communities Valley Oaks serves have been systematically underserved due to a lack of accessibility to quality healthcare services. We are building the scale, delivery infrastructure, and care management systems to provide industry-leading services to a large patient population.” 

Organizationally, the group is split into two divisions — primary care and specialty care facilities. The primary care division focuses on the value-based model and is central to the company’s vision of comprehensive care coordination. The model is well suited to the implementation of preventive care and disease management, which is critical in removing redundancies and reducing costs within the network. While most healthcare organizations focus on reactive care, managing symptoms once they appear, Valley Oaks believes in preemptive care, preventing illness and disease states before they occur. Care is provided …

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