VRChat is banning all mods, including one for the hearing impaired

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Technology

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The popular virtual reality chat program VRChat is banning mods by adding Easy Anti-Cheat. According to a blog post, The VRChat Security Update is making several changes to make users more safe and secure.

According to the developers, people use modified clients to attack and harass other users. These events cause huge amounts of moderation issues. Beyond that, the developers claim even non-malicious modifications cause problems. Also, VRChat creators apparently can’t work on projects within the scope of the basic software, because modified clients might not interact properly with them.

Which, y’know. Fair.

Let’s be honest here. The creators of VRChat are well within their rights to make whatever changes they want. If what they want is to put the kibosh on mods, that is absolutely their prerogative. If they want to do it in the name of safety and security, they can absolutely make that decision.

Where things get a little iffy is that not all VRChat mods are problematic. There are a handful which exist entirely to improve the stability of the client. There are also some very specific mods which provide quite critical functionality for users.

@VRChat “VRC-CC” is a mod that adds closed captions to movie worlds so deaf/HH people can watch movies with their friends. VRChat is killing that today by banning all mods. They’ve done absolutely nothing to address serious accessibility gaps on their platform. Please RT pic.twit …

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