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by | Jul 7, 2022 | Energy

shut down half of its remaining nuclear plants in December. Two months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin
Ukraine. The resulting humanitarian chaos and energy crisis across Europe has thrown into full relief the short-sightedness of Berlin’s plan to transition away from this zero-carbon clean energy source in the first place. No wonder polls have shown that Germans apparently
regret the decision
.We should take care not to make the same mistake here.Nuclear power is one of the safest energy sources on the planet. And with zero carbon dioxide emissions, it’s also a critical component of any serious plan to address climate change. That’s why the idea of phasing out nuclear in the first place was folly. As if to underline the point, the Environmental Performance Index published just last month by researchers at Columbia and Yale
warns that Germany
could be the only country in the European Union to fail to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This is due in large part to its self-inflicted wound of phasing out nuclear power.Had Putin not invaded, Germany may have become even more reliant on Russian gas for its energy needs. That would have come not only with greater emissions costs than with nuclear but also a range of severe challenges from a national security perspective and an even greater set of ethical concerns from a humanitarian standpoint.Since the invasion, Germany has found itself in a mad dash to unwind its deep reliance on Moscow’s valuable export. This has made it even more dependent on the very types of fossil fuels it sought to move away from as par …

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