What happened to Russia’s anti-war movement?

by | Jul 15, 2022 | World

On the first night of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, protesters in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Saratov and other major Russian cities protested and chanted “No to war!”.By the following evening, about 1,900 people had been detained across the country.
Amid the crackdown, large-scale protests fizzled out after the first few weeks of the war, while pro-government Russians rallied behind President Vladimir Putin’s “special operation”, as the invasion is euphemistically known.
“The start of war typically produces the rally-around-the-flag patriotic consolidation effect,” Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko told Al Jazeera.
“For massive protests against Putin to emerge in the near future, some dramatic changes should happen, [such as] a major defeat in Ukraine with a massive retreat of the Russian army, or some catastrophic developments in the Russian economy as a result of the sanctions.”
In cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, life goes on as usual: bars and music festivals, for instance, are packed.
Russians are getting used to living under sanctions and new restrictions set by their own government, such as losing access to social media.
The economy has stayed stable so far, disappointing those who may have hoped growing discomfort would lead to angry masses rising up and overthrowing Putin.
Ischenko, who has studied political upheaval in post-Soviet nations, explained that there are significant differences between Ukraine in 2014, when the pro-Kremlin government was toppled, and present-day Russia.
The Ukrainians had a strong voice in the medi …

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